Final RCN CE3SAR Meeting


Final RCN CE3SAR Steering Committee Meeting

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

November 28, 2017

RCN CE3SAR overview and outcomes (Dr. Luis Cifuentes, Dr. Jorge Vanegas)

Subcontract final outcomes (Dr. Hudson DeYoe, Dr. Wesley Patrick, Dr. Jainhong Ren, Dr. Rudy Rosen, Dr. Kenneth Tobin, Dr. Jorge Vanegas)

Panel on stakeholder engagement efforts (Dr. Wesley Patrick, Dr. Hudson DeYoe, Dr. Rudy Rosen)

Panel on future international efforts (Dr. Jorge Vanegas, Dr. Steve Bergman, Dr. Katya Wowk)

Rainwater Collection Capstone Project (Dr. Luis Cifuentes and TAMU students)

Panel on educational outcomes and future (Dr. Rudy Rosen, Dr. Kenneth Tobin, Dr. Luis Cifuentes)

Panel on future research opportunities (Cindy Lyle, Dan Riechers, Cindy Wall)

Rebuild Texas opportunities (Dr. Jorge Vanegas)

Meeting Notes